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Glass Glitter

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ARTICLE #1 -- Glass Glitter

Recently, I was on a live chat with Prim Sisters Talk Radio. I was asked where I get my glass glitter. This is the link where you can get awesome glass glitter for your prims!

All you have to do is spray your prim with Spray adhesive, like you can find in the craft sections of Hobby Lobby, Walmart or Michaels, etc. Then sprinkle on the glitter and let it dry. Remember when spraying the adhesive, it will travel around, like spray paint, so if I have to do this inside, I play my prim in a box and that way, the adhesive only goes down inside the bottom of the box. Doesn't matter if it gets on the sides. I have done it outside on newspaper. It doesn't take long to dry. 

I mostly use the 'fine' grade, but I like the 'medium' too! Glass glitter gives your holiday prims a vintage old-candy-store appearance that I think you'll really love!

Use it on Christmas prims of all sort. It's great for Snowmen. It's also perfect on Pumpkins for making them look frosted. Give it a try!

~Donna Oct, 1, 2008

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