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Recycled Primitives

Recycled Primitives

By: Donna Veal, Moonchilds Primitives, 2008


Reduce, reuse, recycle. Primitive crafters are the worlds best recyclers.  There are many ways to reduce but we prim-artist are pros at reusing and recycling!

Here’s a few ways I do it:

Go to yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores. You pay cents for items that have already had

One life and are ready for another!


For fabrics:

Old clothes, table clothes, curtains, cloth napkins, place mats.

1. I love using old quilt and chenille bedspreads. Tennessee Ridge Primitives made some corn from chenille! Sassafras Hill Primitives made some sheep from chenille.

She also made an herb garden from old worn-out shoes. Look at her website, You’ve got to see that. It’s gorgeous!!

-And Lowell Country Designs has a Santa Pattern that makes good use of an old sweater!!

2. If you have Fabric that won’t work for you? Cut off the buttons!

3. Save all your fabric scraps for those “extreme prim” items for Rag STUFFING.

Speaking of stuffing—reuse the Stuffing from old toys or pillows to stuff your prims!!


Use the fur from old stuffed animals as Santa beard or use the old fur to make a NEW prim bear.

Santa beards can be made from raffia, any fake fur, wool. Recently a gal sent me some tree-moss to use! I’m pretty excited about that! It’s going to be some witch doll hair!


Feed sake and burlap is great for prim crafting. Cut the trim from old clothes to be used on dolls. Many of that trim has sequences or beads that will make your doll UNIQUE!


Save old grapevine wreaths, shutters and shelves.

Use old spools, spindles, candle holders, funnels, oil cans, jars and bottles as make-do bases.

As many of you know, I love rusting glass, so use your old jars and bottles for that, instead of sending them off to the land-field.

Bottle tops make cute tags. Use old greeting cards and magazines to make ‘Altered Art’ hang tags.

Use old books! Paint the outsides to make Witchy magickal books for Halloween and on Valentines day, add a hand-made love-letter and a hand-made prim rose along with some grungy ribbon and show some love!


Another favorite of mine, is picture frames. You can make stitcheries and printables and

Altered art galore to put into a frame! With or without glass!!

And if you paint—use these frames to hold your artwork!


Too much stuff? Organize it as it comes to you. Give it a place and get to work changing it to fit your needs. Still too much?



Give it, Swap it, Share it, Sell it on Ebay!

Rust it, Paint it, Sand it, Distress it. Mend it.

Cut it, Rip it, Trim it, Stitch it, Tear it out and start over!

Turn it inside out, turn it upside down, patch it,

Put a pocket on it,

Nail it, wire it, tag it, dry it, stain it, make it PRIM.

Collect it, use it, Make it Yours!


Thanks for being GREEN—Keep on Recycling with Prims!

-Donna J

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