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Decorating your Fall Table

Decorating your Fall Table

By: Donna Veal, 2008


Recently a customer asked me about ideas for table centerpieces for Thanks-

giving. So, I thought I’d share a few ideas I had with you for this holiday and many

of these can be used for Halloween as well.

Cornucopias filled with corn, squash and pumpkins with leaves as filler

and spread additional leaves about the table. You can use real ones or make prim ones!


You could take a pumpkin and
add feathers to the back and a head to the front, letting the pumpkin BE the
body of the bird.....if you can visualize that one!

 Pears and apples in wooden bowls would look nice. Again with leaves
around the bowl--perhaps on a bed of spanish moss and leaves.
Another idea is to get real pumpkins and paint turkeys on them. I saw in a

Magazine recently where someone painted pumpkins antique white or black and

Then painted them with acrylic paints. You can paint them up for Halloween

or Thanksgiving!

OR you could make illuminary jars, with thanksgiving pictures on the
front...they look all rusty, then put candles inside them.

You could even have a drawing among the people at your Thanksgiving dinner

and give the Centerpieces as prizes!

You could make little ornies, again, place them in wooden bowls. You could
make scarecrow heads...or...pilgrim/indian heads...OR...without making anything,
you could use those little gourds and small pumpkins in prim baskets or bowls
lined with stained cheesecloth and homespun bows.


Sugar cones add prim flair to your table. Wrap your cones in
stained muslin or cheesecloth and tie them with string or jute.

What about Pumpkin pies! Several of the Prim Pattern Sellers offer patterns for those. They look awesome in an old rusty pie tin with a crow on top.

Another idea is Stacking pumpkins. You could use real ones or
prim ones. Use Different colors and use dowel rods and stack 2 or 3 of them
together. Those are cool when you use orange or white pumpkins with green


The wonderful thing about using pumpkins is that you can use them from Halloween

straight thru Thanksgiving. Just don’t cut JOL faces in them. Or if you want to

add a JOL face, pin the faces on that you’ve cut from black fabric. Or paint the faces on

then you could wash the face paint off. Or if those aren’t for centerpieces, you could just turn the pumpkin around and let

the other side show.

Mums are a favorite for the season.


You can make a pumpkin vase! Cut the top off of your pumpkin and clean out the inside,

Just like you would if you were making a JOL. Add a bit of water and fill it fill of seasonal flowers and leaves. I also saw where one lady used apples instead of flowers for this. She stuck dowel rods into the apples and then she arranged them into the pumpkin and held them steady by securing the rods into the bottom of the pumpkin.


You could also carve out small pumpkins and use them as soup bowls!


Another idea is to use a tray as your arrangement base and use greenery like pine and cedar, set a pumpkin in the center and use other items like Indian corn, pomegranate, sweet potatoes and pinecones as fillers. Then use some pillar candles and Antique and Etch them.


You can also use a grapevine wreath, decorated however you like --- or just plain—and lay it on the table, flat, then set a pumpkin inside of it.


And for another decoration that was very unique was using a shallow tub, filled with water, add some floating votives. The votive holders were apples with the centers carved out and tea lights set inside them! Let a few leaves float on top of the water too.


All these with a table cloth and mismatched napkins will make your table special. Table cloths can be quilts, throws, sheets, etc. Use muslin as a table runner. Stain it and use acrylic paints to make designs with stencils, or simply use it plain. I like to shop for these items at thrift stores too.

You can use hand-towels or penny rugs as placemats too.

You can sew little pockets from a matching fabric to set your silverware into or sew matching coasters.

Napkins can be hand-towels, wash cloths or even paper napkins. Use unique napkin rings! Make a ring from Preserved Sweet Annie. Or use rusty wire to form your rings and curl the ends in decorative designs with pliers. Then, tuck a leaf inside, underneath the wire along with a sprig of berries or wheat.

Here’s a website that gives instructions for something like this:

These are just a few ideas. I hope you have loads of fun decorating your holiday table

this year! It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a knock-out table that your guest will rave about.
Happy Primmin’,


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