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Tree Topper Ideas

Tree Toppers for your Holiday Tree

By Donna Veal, Moonchilds Primitives




You can add anything with arms to wrap around your tree-top. Snowmen, angels, santas.

You can add arms to almost any prim pattern that you have that’s a shelf sitter.

Revamp your prims so they’ll become a topper. A doll pattern can be easily used as an angel, just add wings and a wire halo.


Anything you can tie on. A big bell, a pinecone, a rusty star, just nothing TOO heavy to weigh it down.

How about making just a Santa or Snowman Head?


Tie on a partridge and add pears to your tree!

Simply paint a crow white, and there’s your partridge! Add some glass glitter to his wings.

Make a prim Reindeer. Better yet, make deer for your tree and

Add antlers to the top!


Tie on a bundle of candy canes.

Weave-in a grapevine wreath.


You can also use bobbers that have bases made from bed strings or funnels.

Turn a can upside down and make that a make-do base so you can add an Angel or other

festive holiday item to your can. The can doesn’t’ have to show, tuck it up into the cavity of your prim. That’ll make a perfect holder to go down over your top branch. Use a good deep can, like baked beans, but not too thick, like a coffee can or you’ll risk it toppling over off the branches.


If you have a theme tree, like Americana, add a flag to the top or make a liberty doll with

arms to wrap around.

If you love Prim, add a crow. You can’t go wrong with a crow wearing a Santa hat on top of your tree.

Or, Add a Santa Hat TO the top of your tree. You could also make a snowman hat to add

to the top and make snowmen for decorations.

Have a celestial tree and make a Moon, Star or Sun for the top of your tree.


You can always use raffia or stained muslin and make a bow for the top. Or crunch up

Brown paper and make a bow from that…giving it a crinkled look to your bow.

Make a bow from old cutter quilt.

Use the rest of the quilt for your tree skirt!

It’s YOUR tree, top it with whatever you like. Make a Raggedy Annie or a Gingerbread man or tie on a teddy bear for your topper.


Make a spray out of the top of your tree! Add dried herbs, various greenery, berries, nuts and fruit from the floral department (so they aren’t too heavy-real ones are heavy).


Use a large grungy tag as a topper---as a letter to Santa from the ‘Smith Family’—or whoever.


Tie several cookie cutters in a bundle and let that be the topper and then make ornaments from those cutters from clay to hang on the rest of the tree. Your kids could paint them up with you. OR use the wax molds with the black wax that we are seeing so much of.

If you like stars, make a penny rug star. Make a matching skirt.

Or make a Stitchery Star. Make a muslin star and paint a Santa Crow on it with your acrylic paints.

Be creative and enjoy topping your holiday tree.

Heck, I’m thinking about making a WITCH hat for the top of my tree!!

(this isn't my original idea, but isn't this the cutiest, most unique idea for a tree topper!? A Tea Pot!)



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