Wholesale Vendors Terms & Conditions

Find Primitives, Patterns, Free Patterns, E-Classes, E-Patterns and Folk Art. I specialize in Halloween and other seasonal art and prims. I have sales often and always offer free epatterns and eclasses. I'm also available for prim-support! Email me anytime

*I wholesale Printed/Paper Patterns only. (No e-classes, e-patterns, e-books, CD's or finished goods.)
**at this time, not all of my patterns are listed as Printed Patterns. I'm in the process of getting them entered.
I'll have them finished soon.
If you want a printed pattern that isn't listed yet, just email me and let me know!

*You must be a qualified Retail Shop.

*Patterns are 50% off original price.

*Opening Orders must be $50 or more.

*Reorders are a $20 minimum.

*You must furnish a tax ID# or Resale#.

*Payments may be made by Paypal, Check, Money Order or Cashiers Check.
(Checks and e-checks via Paypay must wait till they clear my bank before shipping.
Usually 5-7 days.)

*Shipping will be determined when the order is processed. You will receive an invoice in your email from Paypal for shipping fees.
If you need to include shipping fees in your payments made with check or money order, I'll give you
an estimated amount at the time of ordering to include with your payment.
*FREE SHIPPING for orders over $150!!*

*To qualify as a Wholesale Vendor, please email me direct at wkveal@comcast.net and in the SUBJECT Line type: WHOLESALE
Include your Name, Tax# or Resale#, Address, Business Name, Phone#, Website (if you have one)

Once you have been accepted, I'll email you with your Password and instructions and you'll be ready to shop!
Please remember not to add e-patterns to your order. Printed/paper patterns only.
You MUST have Internet Explorer to be able to login.